2 Aug

How to select UPSC Book for your Preparation

How to select UPSC Book for your Preparation

Selecting the UPSC Book from thousands of books listed on various websites regarding the preparation of IAS, IPS or UPSC is little bit complicated work. There are various authors and Publishers publishing their own books on every single day. The number of UPSC Books available in the market is uncountable.


Some or the other book is very similar to each other and most of them are likely different from each other. The books are having same content somewhat the other but the names are different as the authors name the book according to them.


There are various websites selling UPSC Books but getting the best books for IAS or UPSC is depended on upon the number of the rating given by the aspirants and other UPSC Qualifiers.  Books are published and printed by publishers and other publications but the only thing is taken in mind by the authors is the quality content of the books.



Need of Update in UPSC Books

Syllabus of UPSC is changing frequently from last many years as the new pattern and content is introduced by Civil Service Body Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). CSAT and Other portion are recently introduced by the System of UPSC Governing body and many students faced problems from various vernaculars Medium.

Selection Process of UPSC Books

How to choose the books of UPSC is the most common Question asked by Various UPSC Aspirants but the answer is not describable in the single word.

The Books are not very less and it includes complete Study Material since the portion of UPSC is varying vastly. Syllabus of UPSC is also something which should be taken in mind while buying the Books of UPSC and IAS.



Where to Buy Books of IAS

Books of UPSC can be purchased easily from Online Stores or from Offline Stores. Online can be easy as people nowadays don’t have enough time for the Purchase Study Materials.