Agriculture Environment, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Calamities

  • Farmers’ Day is celebrated on

—December 23

  • National Bureau of Plant Gene­tics Resources is located in

—New Delhi

  • Shifting agriculture in Vietnam is

known as                               —Ray

  • Crop specification is the main characteristic feature of

—Commercial agriculture

  • Who is the writer of the book ‘The History of Indian Agri­culture’ ?

—M. S. Randhawa

  • ‘Sharbati Sonara’ is a variety, developed through induced mutation of



  • The extensive fields of coffee plantation in Brazil are known as


  • Green revolution is chiefly related to

—Wheat production

  • The most suitable crop for green manuring is


Biodiversity, Climate
Change and Calamities

  • The term ‘Deep Ecology’ was used for the first time by

—Arnies Naess

  • International Tiger Day is obser­ved on

-July 29

  • A broad transition between two different ecosystems of mainly plant communities is called


  • Study of organisms in relation to their environment is called


  • The ‘Global Warming’ is chiefly due to

—Increase in Carbon dioxide

  • Which country ranked first in the environmental democracy index developed by WRA in 2015 ?


  • Sea-Biotic Resources and Ecology Centre is located at


  • El-Nino develops in the

—Pacific ocean

  • India’s contribution to total

global carbon dioxide emissions is about               —6 per cent

  • An average-sized tree produces enough oxygen for

—A family of four

  • A good teacher is one who

—Inspires students to learn

Lasswell’s model and Garbner’s

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