Geography (India and the World)

  • The eastward continuation of the Brazil current is called the

—South Atlantic drift

  • Which port city is known as the ‘Key to the Suez’ ?


  • The journey of the Sabarmati and the Mahi rivers end in the

—Gulf of Khambat

  • The place located at the con­fluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers is


  • Which kinds of rocks are formed when molten rock-forming mate­rial cools and solidifies ?

—Igneous rock

  • Which is the highest mountain peak of India ?

—Godwin Austin (K2)

  • Which is the volcanic Island of India ?

—Barren Island

  • Penganga, Benganga, Pravar, Indravati are the tributaries of

—The Godavari river

  • Which current is also known as the Humbolt current ?

—Peru current

  • Sunda trench is located in

—Indian ocean


Science & Technology


  • with the Nobel Prize for his work on

—Light scattering

  • The plants, which grow under

water stress conditions of deserts are    —Xerophytes

  • The damage of the human body due to radiation is measured in


  • Tesla is a unit of magnetic


  • Saha Nuclear Physics Institute is

located in                       —Kolkata

  • Which compound gives maxi­

mum energy in metabolic pro­cesses ?   —Fat

  • Pleura is the covering of


  • What is used in making bullet proof materials ?


  • Enzymes are basically


  • Kerosene oil rises in a wick of lantern because of

—Capillary action in the wick

Shifting agriculture in Central America and Mexico is known as


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