Happy Republic Day 2017 in India and Wishesh

Every year on 26 January is celebrated as the National Festival of India which was declared a national holiday. Every famous this day with great enthusiasm the announcement of joy and remember the historical independence of India from the British domination. January 26 is celebrated as Republic Day every year because that day the Constitution of India came into force.
Our country India has decreed three full days of the national holiday. After the consolidation of the Constitution of India in the Indian Parliament in 1950 India became the Democratic Republic of the country.
The Indian government organizes an event each year in the national capital New Delhi on
The Indian government organizes an event each year in the national capital New Delhi on January 26, where a large parade is held by the Indian army (army, navy and air force), which usually Tarts Vijay Chowk and
It ends at the gate of India. People started joining Raj Road in the morning to see the big event. People who can not go any reason that Rajpath watch the celebration Rajpath, New Delhi in the news on television. On this first day of all our President of India hosts the flag and the atmosphere fills with the sound of the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana”.
After the parade on Rajpath Indian Army salutes the President of India and presents the power of India After finishing the parade, all the states of India show their culture and tradition through Jhankis. After completing the display of your jhankis by all states to three colors (colors like saffron, green and white) Flowers are held in the sky by planes. Every school, schools and government. Celebration of the Feast of the Republic “in January 26” and held as a flag display, Prade, singing the national anthem, read speech, play freedom fighters roles, bold writing, activities and Comedy, etc., in the end, each student gets sweet and Namkin and goes home happy … !!!

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