Salient Features of SHAREit Application

We are in an age where every significant bit of data is stored in our smartphones or other handheld devices and sharing files or information with another person is just a click away. Prior to the advent of Smartphones, Bluetooth and infrared technology was used earlier to transfer files from one device to another but with the introduction of high end devices, even the latest Bluetooth versions have been rendered incredibly slow. And for these specific reasons, the SHAREit application comes as a boon for every smartphone user.

SHAREit is a free application developed by Lenovo which allows users to transfer files from one device to another and it even allows inter-platform file sharing system with the help of which you can easily share files from Android to iPhone, to PC and even Mac. The application permits and facilitates rapid transfer of media files like images, videos and docs with super fast speed. Furthermore, the application does not specify any size limit, meaning you can send file as small as 1MB and as big as 10GB completely hassle free. SHAREit uses WiFi direct concept or WiFi hotspot to transfer files between devices. Shareit actually creates a server of files i.e. your device and the network i.e. WiFi hotspot or direct.  And since there is no data connection required it uses the max speed of your WiFi.

Other convenient functionalities of the app lie in the areaof Phone information/data replication. If you decide to change your smartphone mode, SHAREit replicates contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data from your old phone to the new one with a few clicks copying all your necessary data in your new device.

Here are some of the salient features of the SHAREit application:

  • The application has an incredibly friendly user-interface which will allow new users to navigate through the application and send media files very easily.
  • Sharing through SHAREit is Safe method which completely preserves your privacy.
  • The application does not have preset size limitations for file transfers with users having the liberty to transfer files as large as 1000GB.
  • Transferring speed for the SHAREit application is as high as 10-15 Mbps.
  • The application permits sending any file from PC to mobile or phone to PC easily.
  • There is no hassle of any wires or USB cables.
  • No problem of viruses, worms or any sort of malware affecting your devices.
  • Available on Google Play making the application safe and a public offering.
  • Does not involve the pre-requisite of mobile data connection.

SHAREit, although originally by Lenovo is available to download across a variety of platforms like Android, iPhone iOS, PC and Macs. There have been certain questions pertaining to the application’s compatibility with Blackberry devices and the answer is definitely affirmative. Blackberry devices with software versions OS 10.2.1 have built in supports for .apk android files which means that the app will be downloadable on the comparatively newer Blackberry devices sporting the upgraded OS version.





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